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TRUITY - about the technique

TRUITY - Overview

Belief Change Management - a tool which reflects life events - triggers the subconscious mind - to moraly and ethically evolve the conscious thinking patterns.  Result = change in core thinking resulting in better life choices. 

Many years ago while deeply involved in personal development studies and facilitation, I came to the shocking realisation that although a lot of self-help books, workshops, programs and group therapies inspire and create some change, the change taught - did not necessarily become a change on the level of the subconscious mind. This resulted in people consciously learning techniques and yet their lived did NOT for the most part change at all.  They still faced the same problems when under any daily life pressure.   Im sure many of you have also wondered why even though you did the course - studied the techniques nothing changed in your life?  The answer is simple. 

All of the programs we run on for our whole life time are instilled before the age of seven years old.  Yes seven years old, psychologists have known this fact for generations.  Those childhood patterns are based upon our life experience so what ever our parents were experiencing, what ever we experienced set us up for life! Restrictions, skills, ability to learn, love and coping everything in your life is run from a program which is totaly out of date.

So how does TRUITY work, well if I told you that you would know as much as I do.  I'm joking here.  Truity works by using a process our brains naturally use behind the scenes to slowly evolve our thinking though events and interactions.   This process I call Belief Change Management. To put it in a nutshel, Truity brings the conscious to the subconscious triggering new connection of neural pathways by using specific information relevant to the individual.  Result is long term positive change in thinking and responce behaviour.  

 Developed by Lesley Kay Williams-Halverson in Australia in 1993, the TRUITY the concept is a new approach to developing Emotional Intelligence and behavioural change. TRUITY means “Truth Restores Understanding Increasing Trust, Yes!” The original concept took 35 years of research and study in order to distinguish the triggers that contribute to a person’s growth of consciousness and understanding.

Guided by the premise that “life is a game,” the original concept was published as a board game in 1994 as TRUITY the Game of Life, and believes that change is really on the cards. It is a fun, interactive, and non-competitive board game that can be used as:

  • A Belief Change Management Tool
  • A team building tool
  • A conflict resolution tool
  • A therapeutic/self-development tool
  • A problem solving tool
  • A strategic tool in businesses

TRUITY was tested and has been used by associations and institutions all over the world. These are a snapshot of just a few. 

Corrective Services, Wacol Men’s Prison, Wacol Women’s Prison

Child Protections Services,

Department of Main Roads,


Damascus Rehabilitation Hospital Brisbane,

St Andrews Hospital

John Paul College Brisbane,

Red Cross Australia and Canada,

British Fire Department

The Portsmouth Development Project

For inquiries and/or appointments with the developer, please feel free to contact Lesley Williams at  +61-417722693, or drop me as Email